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You've arrived to the right place, if you are looking for work, disatisfied with your current job, or thinking about being disatisfied with the world of work and careers, c'mon in!
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12 steps: Employment and Career Success
12 steps that can help out of the unemployment lines... and can help you in your career, you the employer, you the employee...
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Vent, talk, discuss, dialogue or share about career, job, employment issues here in a general way...
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Helpful prayers and meditations, links to useful sites...
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Bits and pieces I have come accross that might help when down and out...
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Career and Job vent
Have an issue with your current job? Career disatisfaction? Vent it here...
Unemployment related issues. Check the helpful resources forum for links and information
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Career, Job Vent
Let loose, you will need a password to enter this forum and a minimum of 10 posts
Unemployment vent
Vent about your struggle finding a job here...
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